My Employee's Father Just Passed Away. How Much Time Do I Need to Offer Her to Grieve?

Technically - none. That is, unless you have a policy or practice that entitles employees to bereavement leave for an employee's father's passing.

Most companies offer bereavement leave as a benefit, but not all. For those that do, some offer a handful of days total each year, some companies combine it under the umbrella of "paid time off" and some offer it as a day or two for each triggering incident. Some companies offers it only for immediate family members, while others offer it for extended family and even in-laws, as well. Like vacation pay, paid time off, holiday pay, etc. the entitlement to bereavement leave is created by the company's offer of this benefit to employees not because it is legally obligated to make the offer. If your company offers bereavement leave, however, then you will need to offer her the amount provided per the bereavement leave policy.


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