New Minimum Wage Laws and Ordinances to Know Taking Effect on July 1

In addition to the paid time off laws and ordinances set to take effect on July 1 in Chicago, New York, Minneapolis and Saint Paul discussed last week, a number of jurisdictions are set to see minimum wages increase.  As with paid time off for sick and safety leave, increasing the minimum wage is part of a national trend that began years ago and has had great impact on various state and local employment practices and costs of business.

By now most jurisdictions on the coasts and in the upper Midwest where politicians are more inclined to support pro-worker legislation have passed minimum wage increases, but some are still rolling their programs out.  The following is a review of the minimum wage increases set to take effect in the coming months:

  • Chicago (IL) - $11.00

  • Cook County (IL) - $10.00

  • Montgomery County (MD) - $11.50

  • Oregon (Standard Counties) - $10.25

  • Oregon (Non-Urban Counties) - $10.00

  • Portland (OR) - $11.25

  • Maryland - $9.25

  • Washington D.C. - $12.50

  • Los Angeles (CA) – large employers - $12.00

  • Los Angeles (CA) – small employers - $10.50

  • San Francisco (CA) - $14.00

  • San Jose (CA) - $12.00


Minneapolis is set to pass an ordinance moving the minimum wage to $10.00 on January 1, 2018.  From there it would increase incrementally to $15.00 by July 1, 2024.  No tip credit will be included.


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