Gun, Iguanas, & Free Speech in the Workplace: HR Dilemmas Answered!

First, a confession: we cannot simply predict what employees are going to do next. Sorry. No one can predict what your employees will do, as they do the strangest things sometimes. What we can do is try to explain the best ways to handle tricky situations when they arise! HR professionals play a vital role in an organization, as they are the interface between the staff and the business itself. Any tricky situations should be going through your HR team to ensure a swift resolution. But what are some of these tricky dilemmas that HR professionals face on a daily basis?

This month we will be covering tricky and common dilemmas that HR professionals deal with, and how to handle them.


  • Animals in the Workplace

  • Employee Gun Rights in the Workplace

  • Privacy Concerns in the Workplace

  • Free Speech in the Workplace

  • Common HR Dilemmas

  • Dress Codes Dilemmas

  • #metoo



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