Telecommuting: Avoiding Legal Issues with Remote Employees

Work from home or telecommuting was unique (in the 90s). Today it’s commonplace and impacting all industries and professions. Legal issues related to employees don’t cease just because someone works from home. Risk of harassment diminishes, but there is an increase in other risk involving work-from-home arrangements. How to properly track non-exempt employees’ time? What about overtime and paid time off? What are the requirements regarding providing a safe work environment under OSHA? What are the privacy concerns monitoring e-mails and social media? This webinar will address these and more issues related to telecommuting employees!

This webinar/video does not create or constitute an attorney-client relationship, nor is it intended as a solicitation, and it is not intended to convey or constitute legal advice and is not a substitute for obtaining legal advice. If you need legal advice, please contact an attorney directly.

Kevin Mosher